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    Oscilloscope Dual Channel

    This versatile instrument is an asset to any lab and includes its own AC power cord, spare fuse, instruction manual and two probes. Operates at 20 MHz bandwidth.

    Ripple Tank with Projection Screen

    Description: The demonstration device "Wave bath" is designed for modeling vibrational and wave motions on the plane during demonstration experiments on the theme "Mechanical oscillations and waves". The multivibrator included in the device allows creating natural surface waves on a water mirror. Using the built-in stroboscope, students can observe an instant picture of their distribution. The composition of the device: wave bath with built-in screen illuminator wave source with a set of nozzles obstacle set methodological materials Experiment List Circular wave demonstration Demonstration of plane waves Reflection of a plane wave Reflection of a circular wave The Huygens principle Secondary waves from a plane wave Secondary waves from a concentric wave Interference of two circular waves A necessary condition for interference Interference in a reflected wave Interference in a plane wave Standing Waves Standing wave in a corner reflector Diffraction of a wave by an obstacle Diffraction of a wave by a slit Diffraction on two slits Definition of wavelength Determination of wave propagation velocity Product Weight: 14.76 kg Volume: 0.065

    Microwave Apparatus kit

    Microwave Apparatus kit for the investigation of transverse waves. Convenient wavelength for the investigation of transverse waves. Plane polarised wave for the transmitter, internally modulated with 1KHz tone, or music, or no modulation. Built in gain control for the receiver, with 30 bar graphs to indicate signal strength, external outputs to data-loggers and external meters. Built in loudspeaker for the receiver, with on /off control. Detailed instruction booklet illustrating various microwave experiments, covering topics of wave reflection, refraction, polarization, interference etc. Auxilliary input for external simple tones to transmit through microwaves. Probe Detector for non-directional reception of the microwaves.

    Digital Sound Level Meter

    Measuring Range: 40~130dBA, 40~130dBC Accuracy: ±2dB Microphone: 1/2 inch Capacitive Mic LCD SIZE: 30 X50MM, 4 digital Frequency Range: 31.5Hz-8.5kHz Linearity Range: 30dB Power Supply: 6F22 9VBattery-1piece or DC 9V 100mA Work Enviroment: 0—40℃(32℉~104℉),10—70%RH Size: 235*70*30mm

    Sine wave generator

    It is to generate sine wave,gives total frequency range 0.5 to 999.9Hz, dimensions 90x90x100 mm, 15W

    Audio Generator

    Our device is capable of generating between 0.1Hz and 100 kHz. Unlike normal sounds, it can generate square as well as sine waves. Square waves are signals that instantaneously shift between two separate levels. For convenience, it has six levels. A knob located in the upper right corner precisely controls the frequency. There is also a jack for a 5.5-watt speaker, which is controlled by a dedicated amplitude knob. The entire unit runs on 110 V AC. An included cord allows you to plug the device into a wall outlet.

    Vibration Generator

    Provides mechanical oscillations when given input signals from oscillator or AF oscillator. A specially designed coil system enables the unit to be operated at its maximum rating for a prolonged period without any damage due to overheating. The frequency response encompasses the whole of the audio spectrum and beyond. Electrical input via a pair of 4mm shielded sockets and oscillating mechanical output is available through a shaft at the top. A locking arrangement provides safety to the apparatus during storage or transportation by blocking the motion of shaft.

    Wave Form Helix, Slinky

    Show transverse and longitudinal waves in an entertaining and age old fashion. Our flat metal "wavy spring" is 75 mm in diameter and 100 mm tall. Extends to nine meters. Use either horizontally on the floor or table and extend by cord from on high.

    Wave Form Helix

    Our stainless steel helical spring is 20 mm diameter and 1.8 m long with a constant force of 29 N/m. It can be used to demonstrate wave motion