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    Torsion Dynamometer

    The dynamometer is designed for demonstration experiments in physics in the study of static forces.

    Circle Dynamometer

    Dynamometer demonstration intended to demonstrate experiments on mechanics

    Push & Pull Dynamometer

    The device is intended to monitor activities and measure the forces in the two directions along one axis during demonstration experiments in all areas of mechanics

    Spring Dynamometer

    The pistol design is based on a ballistic dynamometer

    Double Cone And Incline

    For the dramatic and puzzling visualisation of the effect of change of centre of gravity of an object

    Demonstration Manometer

    For measuring the pressure of gases. Suitable for moderate pressures.

    Manometer Vacuum

    Manometer Let displacement illustrate the effects of vacuum and pressure for you!

    Spouting Jar

    Sheet Metal cylinder 400 x 60 mm (h x d) having three orifices fitted with rubber corks and small glass tubes of narrow bore of the same size but at different heights, down one side. A wide base ensure stability.

    Hooke's Law apparatus

    Our Hooke's Law apparatus as featured in the NSTA Science Scope article "Tried and True: Springing Into Linear Models" available in the September 2012 issue of NSTA Science Scope.