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    Light Box And Optical Set

    The kit is intended for conducting demonstration experiments at physics lessons in general education institutions when studying the laws of light reflection and refraction, determining the focal lengths of lenses, constructing images with lenses and the path of rays in optical devices.

    Optical Bench, 1M Student

    Study optics with this complete kit. You'll learn about light, refraction, reflection, convex and concave lenses, and focal length. Comes with a study guide for using the optic bench. A meterstick is included with your order

    Optical Bench, 1M Deluxe

    Observe and measure optical phenomena quickly and effectively with this 1 m long illuminated optical bench. Optical components can slide freely along the length of the extruded aluminum rail, or can be fixed at any point.

    Laser Optical Demonstrator

    Demonstration instrument using helium and neon gases.

    Demonstrator for Optical Interference Diffraction and Polarization

    Demonstration of light interference, diffraction and polarization. Comprehensive kit includes all of the items required to perform these experiments including light source and receiver, polarizing lens, and base mounted adjustable rack.

    Synthesis of Three Red-green-blue Light-demonstration Experiment

    Demonstrate the experiment of synthesis with three red-green-blue light.