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    Lenz' Law Hoops

    The device is intended to demonstrate how direction of inductive current depends on character of change of magnetic flux.

    Magnetic Needle

    The magnetic arrows on the stands serve to demonstrate the interaction of the poles of the magnets, the orientation of the magnet in the earth's magnetic field, and other experiments on magnetism and electromagnetism in the setting up of demonstration experiments.

    Magnet, Levitating Vortex

    Demonstrate magnet levitation and frictional force with our two-tone device. Black and white sections allow you to measure rotation speed with a stroboscope.

    Magnets, Floating Demo

    Dramatically demonstrate magnetic pole repulsion using this simple and stimulating apparatus.

    Magnetic Field Viewer, 3D

    The set is designed to demonstrate the method of projecting magnetic field lines of permanent magnets.

    Model for demonstration of magnetic field spectrum

    The model is designed to demonstrate the distribution of magnetic field lines in space.

    Magneic Field Demo, Two Halves

    Three-dimensional magnetic fields are an open and shut case with our new folding magnetic field apparatus.

    2D Magnetic Field Demonstrator

    Simply place a magnet on top of the clear frame containing the magnetic particles and watch as they provide the same patterns as iron filings with none of the headaches of set up and clean up.

    Magnetic Field Demonstrator Square

    It is a plastic box 30x30cm with depth not less than 5cm. has round shaped engravings not less than 50 ones, having iron metals of length not less than 2cm. once the cover is put on the iron pieces will join together to show the magnetic filed for this magnet